Services Provided

Pelvic Health Initial Assessment (60 MIN)

If booking an initial assessment, we will send you a thorough questionnaire to highlight common symptoms and possible patterns you may be experiencing. 

Our initial assessment is 60 minutes where your physiotherapist will take a comprehensive medical history and will go over your completed symptom monitor.  An appropriate course of action will then be determined for your physical exam and treatment.  We will always highly recommend an internal pelvic examination be completed to accurately assess the function of your pelvic floor musculature. Based on the results of your assessment, your physiotherapist will help you understand the anatomy and cause of your concerns and create a personalized treatment plan that may include manual therapy, biofeedback, muscle stimulation and home exercises.

Returning Clients Re-Assessment (60 MIN)

If we haven’t seen you in over 6 months, we welcome you back but we know a lot can change in that amount of time and we want to ensure you receive the best possible care so let’s assess new baselines to work from. This appointment is also suited to our patients who are returning in a 6 month timeframe but have new symptoms or you are returning 6 weeks after giving birth.

Pelvic Health Follow-Up (30 MIN)

For current clients who’ve completed their initial assessment and you’re returning for more treatment. These appointments are 30 minutes in length.  A quicker re-assessment will be performed to measure your progress, feedback is given and further treatment will continue. This is a great time to review exercises and go over any questions you may have from your previous appointment. 

Extended Pelvic Health Follow-Up (45 MIN)

This is a 45 min appointment for patients who would like a little extra time or for patients who may have complex presentations and your physiotherapist has decided after the initial assessment, to have more time during your treatment sessions. If unsure, feel free to call the clinic or email Kate to determine if extra time should be booked.


This short assessment determines if soundwave therapy for sexual enhancement is an appropriate treatment for you.  Treatment, if warranted, will also be included.  Please avoid taking any anti-inflammatories for 24 hours before treatment.  Learn more about Soundwave Therapy


Soundwave Therapy treatment is provided for sexual enhancement if an Initial Soundwave Therapy session has been completed.  Learn more about Soundwave Therapy

Meet & Greet (15 MIN)

Kate believes it’s extremely important to feel comfortable with your pelvic health physiotherapist for the greatest results to be achieved.  A “meet & greet” is a 15 minute complimentary appointment to meet one on one prior to assessment or treatment to discuss your needs and health concerns. The goal is to reassure you that Integrative Health Institute is the best place for you to receive your care and feel confident Kate will deliver the best possible rehabilitation program to restore your pelvic function.