Soundwave Therapy

Soundwave therapy (also known as shockwave therapy; “SWT”) is a modern medical therapy that uses energy from acoustic waves to induce cells to regenerate naturally. This helps improve blood flow, stimulates nerve growth, and ultimately makes the treated tissue more responsive to stimulation and increases the possibility for contraction.

For decades, SWT has been used for musculoskeletal conditions to help release chronically tight muscles or to provide blood flow to tendons and scar tissues 1,2,3.

It also has broad applications from treating heart patients to kidney stones to fractures and joint inflammation.

Recently, SWT has become a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction(ED)4,5,6.

Unlike other treatments options for ED, which are used circumstantially, SWT is unique in that it aims to restore the erectile mechanism in order to enable natural or spontaneous erections with lasting results.

Research is now showing similar positive evidence for female anatomy with one study improving symptoms for women with chronic pelvic pain syndrome 7.

Sexual enhancement is not just for men. The clitoris is sometimes the forgotten female sexual pleasure organ. However, the clitoris and penis are related in anatomical structure as they originated from the same developmental tissue. With the mounting evidence from ED research, we know SWT will directly impact the physiology of the clitoris, improving overall sensation and blood flow, which are both integral for orgasms.

SWT is not limited to treating one condition. Post-partum, the perineal muscles that make up our pelvic floor can be excessively tight (hypertonia) or may have developed scar tissue from difficult births or surgical procedures. With the appropriate internal assessment, SWT can help facilitate improved muscle length in the area and scar tissue integrity. This will directly improve your ability to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in your treatment and home exercise plan.

At any age, sexual satisfaction is essential for a women’s overall emotional and physical health.

Kate has over 10 years of experience, using the Swiss-made Storz SWT machines to treat head-to-toe musculoskeletal injuries. Recently, she has applied this expertise to pelvic health dysfunction and enhancement. Men’s sexual health clinics have been employing this medical treatment technique for years, in the era of equality, it is time for you ladies to #ownyourorgasm


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+ Is this treatment covered by extended health care plans?

Yes. Almost every extended health care plan includes physiotherapy coverage. Pelvic physiotherapy is no exception. Some plans have per session or total caps on them. Call your insurance company to see what your coverage consists of before booking if this is a concern to you. We do not third-party bill.

+ How many treatments will I need?

Four treatments are recommended for longer lasting results. Treatments are most effective spaced one week apart.

+ How long will it take to feel results?

Some patients note effects the same day of treatment. Physiological changes at the cellular level have been shown in studies to build over 3 months.

+ Is any part of the treatment internal?

100% non-invasive. The SWT device is used externally on clitoral tissue and relevant pelvic floor muscles.

+ Is it painful?

A ceramic head provides more comfort than typical heads used for other areas of the body. The intensity of the pulses is always suited to a patient’s comfort level and gel is always applied.

+ What are the side effects?

Some redness has been reported and increased vaginal secretions in the following days. No other side effects noted.

+ Is there any down time?

None. You can engage in any activity following treatment.

+ Is it safe?

The Storz MP50 SWT machine used is FDA and Health Canada approved. The treatment is completely non-invasive and has no thermal component or the use of laser.

+ Do I need an assessment prior to treatment?

Yes. Every patient has a different physical presentation which leads them to seek this treatment. A short assesment is necessary to determine a patient’s suitability when using SWT for sexual enhancement. If a patient is seeking SWT for any other pelvic health complication, a full assesment will better determine if SWT can be included in a comprehensive treatment plan Kate will use with you.

+ Are there any contraindicated conditions?

  • pregnancy
  • cancer
  • lack of sensation in the area
  • has given birth or had obstetric or gynecological surgery within the previous 6 weeks